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Cordaway are releasing its new product online via our website in the New Year, probably taking pre-orders mid January onwards.

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The Cordaway product is an advance on simple “cleats” as are currently recommended. It has a child proof snap-on cover that holds all cord completely with no overlap.

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Blind cords are already out there in millions of homes. Here is a simple safety device that can and will genuinely save lives. Children in Australia (and worldwide) die each year from strangulation in blind cords.

From Sydney in 2014:

Second child in a week dies after getting tangled in blind cord

Another toddler has died after becoming entangled in a blind cord – the second incident in less than a week.

The 15-month-old girl was found choking on the cord about 6.25pm at a home on Hillcrest Road, Quakers Hill.

Paramedics and a CareFlight doctor worked to resuscitate the child before taking her to Westmead Children’s Hospital in a critical condition, where she later died.

Last Thursday, a 16-month-old girl in Hornsby died after becoming entangled in a cord while she slept in her cot.

And in August last year, 18-month-old Jack Mackay, from Mallabula, north of Newcastle, also died when he was caught up in blind cords.

KidSafe executive officer Christine Erksine said parents were not always aware of the dangers posed by blind cords.

“It’s just one of those horrible accidents that can happen,’’ Ms Erskine said. ‘‘It’s just something you wouldn’t be aware of.

“One of the issues is in smaller rooms, there’s not much choice about where to put furniture, so you may put the cot against the window for light and space.

‘‘We suggest that cots and bedding are away from a window. And you have blinds and cords that meet the new standards.’’

In 2010, the government introduced mandatory standards for blinds, stating that manufacturers had to include a warning label about cords on the packaging and attached to the cord itself.

Blinds also have to now come with instructions on how to install cords to prevent child injuries.

At least 11 children died in Australia between 2001 and 2008 after being caught in blind cords, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said.

It recommends tying cords out of reach of children. The ACCC has put together an information sheet for parents on blind cord safety.

Detectives from Quakers Hill Local Area Command are investigating Tuesday’s incident.
A post mortem examination will be conducted to determine how the child died.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Always ensure your blind cords are totally out of reach of your children. Move furniture and cots away from them. Follow the safety directions offered by the ACCC.

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Cordaway – The safest option for your children.

To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.

‘Like silent killers’: Parents warn of window blind cords after toddler strangled

WATCH: Two-year-old Bryan Saba died after an accidental window-blind accident. His parents are warning others to check their homes.

Parents of two-year-old toddler Bryan Saba who choked to death on a window-blind cord are urging other moms and dads to check their homes.

Saba was playing in the living room last September when he got entangled in the looped cord of the window blind.

“I was afraid of the stairs, the bathroom and other things like the oven that Bryan could touch. The place we thought was the safest was where my son died,” mother Maria Jose Saba said.


The toddler’s 16-year-old sister, who was babysitting at the time in their family home in Portadown, Ireland found Saba hanging from the cord.

He was taken to hospital but died two weeks later from brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen reaching his brain.

“Children like playing with things, blind cords have little pearl balls that attract the attention of toddlers. We need to make them secure. We don’t want to see another child like Bryan die. It’s enough,” Maria said.

Now, at an inquest into his death, a coroner has issued a warning to parents and caregivers to remove the blind cords from homes in a bid to prevent similar incidents.

“The cords are lethal and silent killers of babies and young children which lurk in homes of parents and carers of young children,” Northern Ireland coroner Joseph McCrisken said.

“As coroner I don’t want to hear another inquest into the death of child as a result of strangulation from a blind cord.”

The court heard that Bryan was living with his father and four of his six siblings at the time of the tragedy.

Bryan’s parents are originally from Guinea-Bissau in West Africa but moved to Italy, then Northern Ireland at the start of 2015 for work.

Cord Pull on Track Blinds

It is believed that the toddler, who was known for being adventurous and loving to play outside, climbed onto the couch and put his head through the loop.

In Canada, regulations for corded window coverings require manufacturers to attach stop mechanisms meant to prevent the accidental strangulation of children.

After Bryan’s death, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) released guidance for parents and caregivers on blind cord safety:

  • Install blinds that do not have a cord, particularly in a child’s bedroom
  • Do not place a child’s cot, bed, playpen or highchair near a window
  • Pull cords on curtains and blinds should be kept short and kept out of reach
  • Tie up the cords or use one of the many cleats, clips or ties that are available
  • Do not hang toys or objects that could be a hazard on the cot or bed
  • Don’t hang drawstring bags where a small child could get their head through the loop of the drawstring.


To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.

Mum warns of dangers of blind cords after son almost strangled on playdate


Mum warns of dangers of blind cords after son almost strangled on playdate

Toddlers can get themselves caught in deadly situations in the blink of an eye.

That’s what this mother experienced when her son got trapped in the cord from the window blinds while out on a playdate

Author of The Troublesome Tokley’s has warned of the dangers of window fixture cords after her three-year-old boy got caught with a rope wound tightly around his throat.

The mum-of-four shared a post on her Facebook page, calling for parents to “please be aware”.

The self-confessed “helicopter parent”, of her son with cerebral palsy, who bumps and scrapes himself regularly, did not expect the terrible fright she got on Friday, August 12.

She warned the day’s play date could have ended in tragedy.

“Today I could have lost my Zayden,” she wrote ominously.

She had been watching her boys play ‘building’ on a veranda when a near-disaster struck.


The mark on Zayden’s neck hours after the scary incident

“I hang around as they play, not just to make sure are playing nicely and safe, but Zayden also gets hurt often due to his cerebral palsy, hence the chipped teeth and constant bruising,” she wrote.

“We were watching them play outside, being kids, having fun, they were ‘building’, banging things against the veranda posts and vibrations must have made a hook come out.”

“In a fright, Zayden was tangled and pulling”

After the hook was removed, the cord from the café blinds dropped and trapped little Zayden. He stepped into it and turned, and panicked causing the rope to tighten around his neck as he tried stepping a few steps closer towards his mum.

But the scared little boy was yanking the chord in the wrong directions.

“In a fright, Zayden was tangled and pulling,” she wrote.

Proof that accidents can happen all too quickly, the mum was watching as it happened and was able to free Zayden within seconds. But those brief seconds were long enough for the cord to cause noticeable bruising.

The damage of the tight chord can be seen on the youngster’s neck in photos posted to Facebook four hours after the terrifying ordeal. She feared what would have happen if she wasn’t so close by.

“If I wasn’t watching, it could be too late,” she wrote.

As a reminder to all parents, she told them to watch their children, and also their child’s surroundings.

“It was seconds I was watching him and he’s still been left with bruising to not only his neck, but broken blood vessels. We have been told to watch for signs of bruising to the windpipe,” she also wrote.

Zayden recovered well and did not suffer from delayed swelling

A day after her warning on Facebook, Zayden had recovered well apart from the faint marks still on his neck.

“Doctors were happy that delayed swelling didn’t occur in his sleep. He is eating, drinking, flirting away like normal,” she wrote.

The worried mum also thanked her followers for the support, as it took her many hours to fall asleep after the traumatic incident.

One woman responded that she was so lucky to be there watching her son.

“l’m so glad it didn’t end tragically,” she wrote. “ Things can go wrong so very quickly. I work in childcare and know how important constant supervision is.”

Toddler’s death highlights danger of window blind cords

The problem with Blind Cords is worldwide. Here is an article from 2016 regarding a child’s untimely death in Ohio.

Cordless blinds are an expensive solution for most people. In Australia there are still literally millions of Blind Cords in many, many homes. The solutions to date have been form many people simply not adequate. Blind cleats (those little triangular plastic things you attach to the window architraves) cannot accept the full cord if it is raised to the pelmet. Cutting cords is haphazard and can effect the blind’s functionality.

Cordaway Window and Blind Cords Safety Device

The Cordaway Device accepts and encloses a full blind cord. It fits simply on the architrave or next to the architrave. We estimate it will retail online for around $7.60 with discounts for quantity plus shipping. Simply fit it and leave it there until the kids are old enough. Then remove it if you desire. It’s a small price to pay for real child safety.


Watch the News Segment here

Central Ohio parents are speaking out about the concerns and dangers of window blinds after a toddler from Gahanna became entrapped in one and died.

The mother of 3-year-old Roselynn Hanna told police she stepped out of the room for just minutes when it happened.

Roselynn’s mom called 911 last Tuesday to say her daughter was not breathing. She was found by a couch and window that had a blind with a standard cord. Roselynn died in the hospital.

According to a national group that tracks window cord deaths, it could take just 60 seconds for a child to lose their life once they become wrapped up in a cord.

Parents say the scare for them, is cords dangling from window blinds. Health experts say children can easily grab them.

Worthington mother of two, Beth LaFlumboise says she isn’t taking any chances.

“The 4 year old is more laid back but still curious, the 2 year old is into absolutely everything,” she said.

LaFlumboise says it isn’t worth the risk.

“It’s awful, the thought of the kids getting hurt from the blinds,” she said.

There aren’t any chords hanging from windows in her house. LaFlumboise said she and her husband installed cordless blinds.

“You step away for two minutes and that’s too long. You take something out of the oven you come back to the living room and it could be too late,” she said.

An organization dedicated to supporting and educating families about the dangers of window blinds, says it’s already petitioned the government to ban cords from blinds. Statistics from Parents for Window Blind Safety show 18 deaths and injuries reported in Ohio since 1992.

Health expert and researcher with Nationwide Children’s Hospital Tracy Mehan says these tragic accidents are preventable.

“Unfortunately this can happen in the blink of an eye. A child can get to a cord that you don’t even realize is there because you don’t see it and they wrap it around their necks in minutes,” Mehan said.

Experts suggest cutting long cords from window blinds and moving furniture away from windows.

“The best thing you can do if you have young children in your home is to not have window blinds that have cords. It’s the cords that cause a lot of the problems,” Mehan said.

According to Parents for Window Blind Safety, Target, IKEA and sell cordless window blinds. A group spokeswoman said Walmart and Lowes have promised to sell cordless blinds by 2018.

Horizontal blinds injure or kill the most children every year and 5 year olds are most at risk of dying from cord strangulation.

According to Parents for Window Blind Safety, more than 570 people have been strangled by windows since 1986.


To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.