Mum warns of dangers of blind cords after son almost strangled on playdate


A play date nearly ended in tragedy after a toddler trapped himself in the cord of window blinds in a café .

Toddlers can get themselves caught in deadly situations in the blink of an eye.

That’s what this mother experienced when her son got trapped in the cord from the window blinds while out on a playdate

Author of The Troublesome Tokley’s has warned of the dangers of window fixture cords after her three-year-old boy got caught with a rope wound tightly around his throat.

The mum-of-four shared a post on her Facebook page, calling for parents to “please be aware”.

The self-confessed “helicopter parent”, of her son with cerebral palsy, who bumps and scrapes himself regularly, did not expect the terrible fright she got on Friday, August 12.

She warned the day’s play date could have ended in tragedy.

“Today I could have lost my Zayden,” she wrote ominously.

She had been watching her boys play ‘building’ on a veranda when a near-disaster struck.


“I hang around as they play, not just to make sure are playing nicely and safe, but Zayden also gets hurt often due to his cerebral palsy, hence the chipped teeth and constant bruising,” she wrote.

“We were watching them play outside, being kids, having fun, they were ‘building’, banging things against the veranda posts and vibrations must have made a hook come out.”

After the hook was removed, the cord from the café blinds dropped and trapped little Zayden. He stepped into it and turned, and panicked causing the rope to tighten around his neck as he tried stepping a few steps closer towards his mum.

But the scared little boy was yanking the chord in the wrong directions.

“In a fright, Zayden was tangled and pulling,” she wrote.

Proof that accidents can happen all too quickly, the mum was watching as it happened and was able to free Zayden within seconds. But those brief seconds were long enough for the cord to cause noticeable bruising.

The damage of the tight chord can be seen on the youngster’s neck in photos posted to Facebook four hours after the terrifying ordeal. She feared what would have happen if she wasn’t so close by.

“If I wasn’t watching, it could be too late,” she wrote.

As a reminder to all parents, she told them to watch their children, and also their child’s surroundings.

“It was seconds I was watching him and he’s still been left with bruising to not only his neck, but broken blood vessels. We have been told to watch for signs of bruising to the windpipe,” she also wrote.

A day after her warning on Facebook, Zayden had recovered well apart from the faint marks still on his neck.

“Doctors were happy that delayed swelling didn’t occur in his sleep. He is eating, drinking, flirting away like normal,” she wrote.

The worried mum also thanked her followers for the support, as it took her many hours to fall asleep after the traumatic incident.

One woman responded that she was so lucky to be there watching her son.

“l’m so glad it didn’t end tragically,” she wrote. “ Things can go wrong so very quickly. I work in childcare and know how important constant supervision is.”



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