Blind cord safety – What you need to know

Blinds and curtains with long, unsecured cords are a strangulation hazard for children. Make sure you buy blinds and curtains with safe design features and that all long cords are secured.

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About blinds and curtains

Blinds, curtains and other window coverings are often operated using long cords.

Installing blinds and curtains

  • Make sure  any loose or looped cords are secured—do not leave them hanging down.
  • If possible, remove looped cords by cutting the cord and installing tassels.
  • Some blinds can’t operate properly without looped cords. To keep them out of children’s reach you should secure these cords with either tie-downs (cleats) or tension devices that enclose cords and chain loops.
  • Always fix tie-downs and tension devices firmly to the wall or window-frame to prevent a child from remove them.



Risks and injuries

Blind and curtain cords can present a strangulation hazard to children, as they may become entangled in them while trying to use, or play around window coverings. Even with raised coverings, children can climb onto window sills or furniture and access cords. Cords can also strangle infants sleeping or playing in cots placed near windows where cords are within reach or hanging into cots.

Young children often like to climb onto furniture to look out the window. If they can reach the cords, they may quickly become entangled in them, lose their footing and suffer strangulation or serious injuries.

Accidental strangulation can happen very quickly, so never leave children alone in these rooms, even for a short while.

Buying tips

  • Choose blinds and curtains with safe design features and warning labels.
  • Ensure the blind provides a way to secure cords so there are no loops or strands that children can reach.
  • Consider blinds that operate without exposed cords.


Safe use

  • Buy tie-downs and tension devices from hardware or window furnishing stores.
  • Do not put children’s cots, beds, highchairs or playpens near a window where children can reach the blind or curtain cords.
  • Do not place sofas, chairs, tables, shelves or bookcases near windows with corded blinds or curtains.
  • Check all window furnishings and place all cords out of children’s reach.

Cordaway Saves Toddlers’ and Small Children’s Lives.

If you have small children – pre-school, primary school aged children or are visited by young children – grandparents, uncles and aunties – or you run a café or small business with exposed blind cords – then Cordaway is the right choice in fail-safe safety devices for protecting children and pets from harmful blind cords.

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Other devices used on Venetian Blinds, Roman Blinds and other corded interior blinds are generally ineffective, fiddly or not child proof. Cleats for large blinds simply do not accept the full length of the blind cords. Older children often untie them and do not replace the cord back on the cleat when finished, exposing toddlers to extreme danger. Half measures like tying the cords off or cutting off the bottom section are anything but foolproof – when the blind is fully drawn to the pelmet, the cords will still reach the floor.

Cordaway follows the prescription of the law. The device is fitted 1.6m above floor level. The blind cord can be fully wound onto the wall mounted hook plate (3 hooks per plate) then closed off with a snap-on cover.

Watch the video here:

The video demonstrates that the cords are safely stored.

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