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When parents experience the joys of welcoming a new child into this world, there is also this huge new responsibility. A precious new life, a new crib, new clothes, a nursery. Pretty soon it’s a year gone bye. Baby is starting to become adventurous – standing in their cot, looking out the window inquisitive.


By two they’re mobile. Move the cot away from the window. Make sure the blind cords are out of reach.

Stop the video right here. In up to 50% of older housing stock in Australia there are venetian blinds – with dangling unprotected cords. Add to this the thousands upon thousands of the very popular wooden plantation blinds sold through the mid 2000s up until today – again all with long dangling cords. Quite simply these represent serious safety risks to young children – strangulation is unfortunately a very real possibility. Realistically it’s a definite risk for all children aged up to 6-7 years of age. It takes but a short period – less than a minute for the child to lose consciousness. After 30-40 seconds, the risk is asphyxiation resulting in death or permanent brain damage.

The children below all lost their lives to blind cords.


A plastic cleat may seem more attractive but in reality it’s probably limited in its safety application and easily accessed by older children without an external cover.

‘Cordaway’ provides enough space to take the full blind cord. It is then protected by a childproof snap-on cover. The Cordaway device is 230mm high, 45mm wide and 28mm deep. It is attractive and was designed and then approved by Industrial Designers and Interior Designers. It is unobtrusive and yet completely contains the cords in a manner where they are inaccessible to small children. Only an adult will comfortably remove the outer cover. And consider at 1.6m from floor level the device is out of a small child’s reach fixed to the window architrave or wall. It is functional and fits in with modern decor.


Once your children have reached safe age and you are confident of their awareness and common sense, it is a simple job to remove the Cordaway device if you desire. Simply fill up the screwholes and repaint the architraves.


To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Device and ensure real safety for your family. Available now, click here to shop.