The safest solution for preventing blind cord accidents – and very unfortunately fatalities, is to fit the Cordaway Safety Device.

As can be seen via this video, it’s simply matter of seconds and it can be – and often is – a life or death situation.

The Cordaway Safety Device provides peace of mind for parents, grandparents and carers of young children. It is the only device that will accept the full length of the blind cord and once wound on, a snap-on child proof cover prevents access to little hands.

Order Now. Click on the Shop Now button on this page – or at A single unit can be fitted in less than 2 minutes using a power drill. Single units are $9.60 plus shipping. Multiple units (above 5) are $8.60 plus shipping.

Don’t delay. Don’t risk your child’s life. Be Safe, Be Sure – Use Cordaway – it’s the smart thing to do.

Cordaway are approved and recommended by Kidsafe Australia