Blind Cords – A Deadly Hazard

In Australia there are literally millions of homes with corded blinds – Venetians, Roman and Plantation. These types of blinds and others similar have been installed in Australian homes since the 1950s in huge numbers.

Blind cords are one of the most dangerous hazards in modern housing to children. The Commonwealth Government has implemented Blind Safety regulations through the ACCC. Local State Government Consumer Affairs departments issue standard warnings and demand that rental properties be all fitted with safety devices – cleats.

Cleats are simply inadequate. A cleat does not take the full length of the blind cord and even when several are fitted, the cord can be accessed by an older child and unwound, leaving a hugely risky situation for toddlers.

Cordaway in Window 2Cordaway is the only really safe alternative. With its snap on cover and the ability to accept ALL the blind cord it’s simply the safest option available on the market.

Cordaway can be purchased at the Cordaway website. For less than $10 you can be sure your children are safe. Buy more than 5 – get a discount.

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The Cordaway Safety Device is the simplest to install, providing real peace of mind for parents, carers, grandparents and others faced with the dangers of corded blinds. The truth is there are thousands of these types of internal blinds in use here in Australia and worldwide.

Put bluntly, the blind cords kill. Children are strangled and are beyond help sometimes in less than thirty seconds.

Cordaway is a simple device. Attach it to the window architrave or wall 1.6 metres above the floor. The plate has 3 hooks and will accept the full length of any blind cord. Wind it on and then simply apply the snap on cover plate. The unit is childproof. Young children under seven years of age will simply not be able to access the cords.


Not convinced? Read these harrowing stories…

A mum from Utah in the US has shared terrifying photos of her young son’s neck after the blind from a cord wrapped around his neck and very nearly strangled him to death.

“Our sweet 3-year-old boy is a survivor” Arika Hernandez wrote in a Facebook post this month.

The toddler was playing on a top bunk when he wrapped the cord around his neck as a game.

He later told his mum that he had been ‘trying to make a necklace’, Kidspot reported.

It’s a miracle the cord snapped

After the cord was wrapped, the little boy started climbing down the ladder of his bed as the cord tightened.

“He panicked and tried to yell for mum and dad but nothing came out,” Arika wrote in her warning to other mums.


The toddler was playing on a top bunk when he wrapped the cord around his neck as a game.


After the cord was wrapped he started climbing down the ladder of his bed as the cord tightened.

“He scratched at the cords to loosen them but all he could grab was skin.”

Incredibly, as an act of desperation, the little boy leapt from the ladder and the blind cord broke, saving his life.

“We heard a loud thump — his jump — and then his loud scream. This was not just any scream, [but] one I have never heard in my life,” the shocked mum wrote. “It will be forever ringing in my ears.”

The mum raced her little boy to hospital where doctors were shocked that he had been so lucky. “These blind cords are not meant to break,” she explained.

“We are counting our blessings! God has big plans for our little boy. It was not his time to go.”


Incredibly, as an act of desperation he, little boy leapt from the ladder and the blind cord broke, saving his life.

Arika Hernandez is so grateful that her little boy survived the terrible accident. She posted this on Facebook.


Tragically, another parent shared that her little boy had not been so fortunate.

“Our three year old son Daniel died 9 years ago on Jan 21 2010 when he strangled on the corded window blinds in his bedroom during what was supposed to be his nap time,” said mum Andrea Sutton.

“They were tied up but kids are curious and it only takes that one time …”

Both mums explained that they hoped other parents would hear their warnings and remove all corded blinds from their homes.

“NO CORDED BLINDS ARE SAFE!” wrote Arika. “They now sell cordless blinds and they are worth every penny.”

“Even if you cut the cords once the blinds are lifted up it creates a hazard. The cords cannot be cut short to make them safer … there are still inner cords and if the cord is pulled so the blinds go all the way up, that pull-cord will then be long enough to make a loop & strangle a child.”

Arika also urged parents to love and appreciate every second with their little ones.

”Hug the people that mean the most to you,” she wrote.

“Be grateful you have another beautiful day with them.”


Where the cord snapped, saving the little boy’s life.


The ACCC in Australia has frequently warned parents about the dangers of corded blinds.

They offer these tips when buying blinds:

Choose blinds and curtains with safe design features and warning labels.

Ensure the blind provides a way to secure cords so there are no loops or strands that children can reach.

Consider blinds that operate without exposed cords.

Safety tips if you already have blinds with cords that you can’t remove:

Buy tie-downs and tension devices from hardware or window furnishing stores.

Do not put children’s cots, beds, highchairs or playpens near a window where children can reach the blind or curtain cords.

Do not place sofas, chairs, tables, shelves or bookcases near windows with corded blinds or curtains.

Check all window furnishings and place all cords out of children’s reach.

This story originally appeared on Kidspot and has been published here with permission.


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