Blind Cords – A Deadly Hazard

In Australia there are literally millions of homes with corded blinds – Venetians, Roman and Plantation. These types of blinds and others similar have been installed in Australian homes since the 1950s in huge numbers.

Blind cords are one of the most dangerous hazards in modern housing to children. The Commonwealth Government has implemented Blind Safety regulations through the ACCC. Local State Government Consumer Affairs departments issue standard warnings and demand that rental properties be all fitted with safety devices – cleats.

Cleats are simply inadequate. A cleat does not take the full length of the blind cord and even when several are fitted, the cord can be accessed by an older child and unwound, leaving a hugely risky situation for toddlers.

Cordaway in Window 2Cordaway is the only really safe alternative. With its snap on cover and the ability to accept ALL the blind cord it’s simply the safest option available on the market.

Cordaway can be purchased at the Cordaway website. For less than $10 you can be sure your children are safe. Buy more than 5 – get a discount.

Be safe, be sure – be Kidsafe (Cordaway is an approved Safety Device by Kidsafe Australia)

Cordaway – Simple, Safe, Secure. Don’t risk your child’s safety.

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