Cordaway – Saves Lives – Keep your children safe.

Blind cords – are they still a problem?

The answer is a resounding YES.

The Interior Blind Industry is now committed to cordless blinds. This sounds like and is a major breakthrough after so many children have suffered major trauma and injury getting tangled in blind cords. Do they still sell corded blinds? Yes they do.

The truth of the matter? In Australia alone there are still literally millions of corded internal blinds situated in private homes. It will take over 20 years for the majority to be replaced. Until then, fit Cordaway to all such blinds – and fully protect your children.

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Cordaway is a simple device that is a major advance on simple exposed cleats. By law all blind cord cleats or safety devices must be located 1.6m from the floor. Most blind cords need several cleats to wind the full cord onto. Even when ‘tied off’ an older child can undo them – the cord remains exposed. Winding devices commonly sold in Hardware stores offer the same dilemma. Older children can unwind them, or they become dysfunctional, or parents and carers forget to activate them.

Cordaway provides a solid backing plate that with three larger hooks will accept the full length of the blind cords. Once wound on and secure, the snap-on cover ensures the cords are simply ‘out of reach’ of curious young hands. And visually it’s simple to see whether you have placed the cover over the cords and the device is being used.

Approved by ‘Kidsafe Australia’ the Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device is effective, easy to fit, easy to use and provides real safety for young children, their parents, carers and relatives.


At $9.60 each (discount for quantity) it’s possible to set up Cordaway devices throughout your home at a minimal cost. Aesthetically the units blend into the home’s architecture. Fit them now. Go to and order now or simply hit the ‘Shop Now’ button on our Facebook page.

Ensure your children’s safety now.

Don’t delay, don’t risk it.

Cordaway – the practical and sensible Blind Cord Safety Device.

Cordaway saves lives.


To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.