Toddler dies after being tangled in Blind Cords.

It’s not unusual when Cordaway publish a blog or Facebook post, for people to inform us that “Blind Cords are no longer a problem as modern blinds have different mechanisms” or the blind cords are now ‘safely stowed’. Unfortunately this simply isn’t the case for the vast majority of internal blinds in current operation residentially.

It is still a major problem and very young children are still dying. Quite simply the solution to blind cord storage must be 100% failsafe. No ifs, no buts! The Cordaway product has a snap-on protective cover. Placed as required by current federal regulations (see ACCC/blind cords) 1.6m above floor level, the Cordaway device accepts the total length of the blind cords.

In Britain not more than a month and a half ago, the Coroner’s Court in Rochdale dealt with the very sad case of the death of Macy Craig – aged 2.

Here is the report from Britain’s Sun Newspaper.

Girl, 2, died after being strangled by bedroom blind cord when she went for an afternoon nap

A TWO-year-old girl tragically died after being strangled by a blind cord in her bedroom when she went for an afternoon nap, an inquest has heard.

An inquest into Macy Fletcher’s death heard she was found upright but unresponsive next to the window by her mother on January 9 when she went to check on her.


Little Macy was found accidentally strangled by her mum Credit: Cavendish Press


Macy’s mum has launched a petition to get looped cords on blinds banned Credit: Cavendish Press

The blind cord was wrapped around her neck, Rochdale Coroner’s Court was told.

Macy’s mother Karoline Craig untangled her before ringing 999. Paramedics rushed the child to hospital, but she could not be saved.

According to figures from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) there have been 29 toddler deaths connected to blind cords  since 1999.

Macy’s family have launched a Parliamentary petition, calling for looped cords on blinds to be banned. More than 500 people have already pledged their support.

The coroner who dealt with the tragic case is to write to the government to highlight dozens of similar deaths in the last 20 years.

Macy’s loved ones, many of whom wore t-shirts with her adorable face at the inquest, sobbed as harrowing details of the accident were played out in court.

The tot had been to nursery in the morning before going for lunch.

Macy then went upstairs to play and have a nap, as usual, while her mum was cleaning.

Karoline said her daughter enjoyed looking out of her bedroom window and often messed with the panels of the blind, so she removed them just leaving the runner and the cord.

“Macy had such an infectious smile and her giggle, well, that would have you laughing with her” Macy’s mum Karoline Craig

When Karoline went upstairs to check on Macy, she realised “something very tragic had happened”, she told the court.

Macy was pronounced dead after arriving at Royal Oldham Hospital shortly after 3pm.

The fact Macy was tall for her age and that she was stood on a mattress on the floor – put there in case she fell out of bed – meant the cord was within her reach, the court heard.

DI Lindsay Booth, who carried out an investigation into the death, ruled out third party involvement

Regulations were brought in 2014 meaning all blinds sold and installed must have the cords attached to the wall; have a chain break feature; or a wand-style device to open and close them.

The landlord of the property, on Oldham Road in Royton, Greater Manchester, said the blinds had been fitted by a local firm when he bought it in December 2010.


They hadn’t been re-fitted as the landlord wasn’t aware they needed to be.

He said the property was checked before Miss Craig was given the keys in December 2016 and that the blinds were ‘fully functional and in good working order’ as far as he was aware.

Assistant coroner Julie Robertson recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Speaking after the hearing, Karoline paid tribute to her ‘happy smiley little girl who melted everyone’s hearts’.

Karoline said: “Macy had such an infectious smile and her giggle well that would have you laughing with her.

“What has happened in this tragic accident, we as a family are still trying to come to terms with.

“Macy will be forever missed and always in our hearts. Our hearts are all left with a massive hole but Macy will always be in our thoughts.

“She is deeply missed and loved by all her family. Macy will always be our precious little angel.

“We as a family appreciate people’s support, but would now like to be left alone to grieve and process what has happened.”

Blind cord safety – the do’s and dont’s

  • One simple way to make the blinds safe is to cut the cords off the blind. This will remove the ability to lift and or lower the blind but the slats can still be tilted using the wand.
  • Don’t just tuck the cord behind the slats.
  • Attach a security device so any cord can be securely tidied away out of reach.
  • Place your child’s cot or bed far enough away from any window blind.
  • Don’t put any sofa, chair, table or shelves near a window as children like to climb about.
  • When buying a new blind look for one which is “safe by design,” such as ones that are cordless or have concealed cord systems.
  • Some blinds come with chain break connectors that fall apart when undue pressure is applied.

The coroner said she would compile a report and write to the housing minister and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents about the need for a regulatory body for landlords, to keep them up to date with the latest health and safety advice and regulation details..

The family’s petition can be viewed and signed here.

To donate to a Just Giving fund launched to help Macy’s family, click here.


Macy had spent the morning at nursery before having an afternoon nap Credit: Cavendish Press


Macy’s mum said she would always be their ‘precious little angel’ Credit: Cavendish Press


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