Cordaway – The REAL Blind Cord Safety Solution.


Blind cords on internal blinds such as Venetian Blinds, Timber Venetians (or so called Plantation Blinds), Roman Blinds and several other types featuring exposed or dangling cords are a deadly trap for very young children. In less than one minute, a toddler can be asphyxiated, literally strangled in a fatal accident.

shutterstock_176304086 a.jpg

These cords are commonplace in both owner occupied and rental properties. The publicity programs from Australian authorities and from overseas in both the USA and Europe focus on two things; shortening the cords and ultimately the removal and replacement of all corded blinds. Also a 57c cleat to tie the cords on.


These are some of the children who have tragically lost their lives in blind cord accidents.

Frankly this is very simplistic and inadequate. There are millions upon millions of these internal blinds still in use. And this won’t change anytime soon. Meanwhile children are still killed and injured every year because there hasn’t been a simple easy to use safety device to prevent such accidents.

There is now! It’s called CORDAWAY! Cordaway will completely accept the entire blind cord, then with a protective snap-on cover, protect your children from being entangled.

Cordaway in Window 2a enlarged

The device is easy to install (and remove). Placed 1.6m from floor level, simply wind the cord onto the hooked backing plate. Cost? $9.60 per window. The result – a child-safe environment and peace of mind.

Don’t delay, order your CORDAWAY devices right here, right now – SHOP NOW. Buy 5 or more and receive a discount. Easy to fit, all you need is an electric drill.



Cordaway – simple, effective, safe.

To keep your kids safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family. Cordaway is a proud sponsor of the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Buy now:

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