Cordaway Sponsors the Royal Children’s Hospital’s 150th Anniversary Celebrations.

Cordaway, the blind cord safety device, has now become a key sponsor of the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne’s 150th Anniversary celebrations.

RCH150 2020 RCHF Support tile white_CMYK

There is good reason for this. In 2020 there are still significant numbers of toddlers and small children suffering life threatening injuries from exposed blind cords on internal blinds in residential households. [Both venetian blinds and some roman blinds still utilise old fashioned cord controls.]

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Many of these children end up in the casualty wards of Australia’s major Children’s Hospitals such as the RCH Hospital Melbourne. Hospital staff have explained just how risky such cords can be. Children suffocate in under a minute. Even those saved may suffer irreversible brain damage.

The Cordaway device is simple and easy to install and use. Unlike simple plastic ‘cleats’, which leave the blind cords exposed and accessible to adventurous little hands, the Cordaway device accepts the full length of the blind cords and stores them with a snap-on childproof cover. Safe, secure, out of reach.


Often when we publicise posts and blogs people respond with recommendations. Supervision of children, cut the cords, etc. Yet these same people automatically place their child in a purpose built children’s car seat and buckle them in. This is NO different. This is a failsafe precaution that ensures your child’s safety. Quite simply it takes but a moments distraction, and all too often, it’s just too late to save a child.

Watch this video from Northern Ireland.

Click here to buy Cordaway. You may need up to 5 or 6 units depending upon your home, its windows and blinds.

Be Safe, Be Sure with Cordaway.


To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.