Internal Blind Cords – What protection is available? CORDAWAY – SIMPLY THE BEST

For many years Internal Blind Cords have been a significant safety hazard for young children in both private homes and buildings such as offices, medical practices and even day care centres.


Until now the main preventative devices have been simple ‘cleats’. These are small hook like devices affixed to window architraves at a prescribed height of 1.6m off the ground. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has strict guidelines regarding blind cords on internal blinds and their safety. With regards to young children, all states in Australia also have stringent requirements for blind cord safety prescribed through their Consumer Affairs Departments (or similar).

All relevant bodies recommend cleats. Consumers can apply for safety kits whereby they will be sent a set of cleats (worth around 20c each).


Inadequate Protection

The main issue is that these cleats will not accept the full length of the blind cords, so there will always be an excess of cord exposed. As well older children can easily access them and unwind them, removing them from the cleat.

Other devices on the market are somewhat cumbersome. Winders that you can attach to the cords can become tangled or detached – they offer limited effectiveness.

The Cordaway device is a simple yet effective breakthrough in Blind Cord Safety

  • Secure – Snap on cover
  • Accurate – Accepts full cord, leaving no toggles exposed
  • Failsafe – Cord cannot be dislodged either deliberately or accidentally
  • Effective – Cords remain stowed in childproof container wound onto 3 separate hooks

Cordaway in Window 2a enlarged

Cordaway is also cost effective. Under $10 per window. Its a small price to pay for peace of mind. As a parent it’s simply a no brainer. Buy Cordaway now. Click the Shop Now button here or visit the Cordaway website and order now.

Simple, Effective, Safe – Cordaway, the safest solution.


To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.