Safety in the home during Lockdown. Stow blind cords with Cordaway.

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With new announcements every day regarding Covid-19 and the terms of the lockdown imposed, it becomes more and more obvious we will be spending considerable time indoors with our extended family over the coming months.

For families with school aged children and toddlers, this means extra vigilance on all matters of home safety. A major consideration in many homes will always be exposed blind cords on Venetian and similar corded blinds. Many older homes, rentals and some newer homes have such internal blinds.


Blind cords are in fact a deadly risk to young children. Permanent brain damage can result from entanglement in less than a minute. With older children at home you need a ‘fail safe’ safety device to store blind cords safely and protect younger children and toddlers.

The Cordaway device

  • accepts the full length of blind cords
  • has a snap on child proof cover
  • can be installed in a few minutes
  • strong, sturdy, durable
  • is affordable and simple to use

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You can purchase the Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device online now here.

Place Cordaway devices on all common area windows with internal blinds. At $9.60 per unit it is a relatively inexpensive item when it comes to protecting your loved ones from harm.

  • $9.60 each, plus postage
  • $8.60 each for 5 or more, plus postage

Don’t delay – make your home safe and ensure real comfort and peace of mind with Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Devices during the ‘lockdown’.



  • Cleats don’t work – older kids can easily access them.
  • Children die each year here in Australia from blind cord strangulation.
  • Landlords are obligated to provide blind cord safety devices.


Cordaway proudly sponsors the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Be generous this Good Friday and make sure you contribute to the Good Friday Children’s Hospital Appeal.

RCH150 2020 RCHF Support tile white_CMYK

Cordaway – Australian made – the safest option.

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