Internal Blind Cords are DEADLY (Cleats don’t work – not kidproof!) USE CORDAWAY

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It is still the case today that very young children are being badly injured and killed by simple internal blind cords. The obvious danger is when cords are left dangling accessible to little hands but there is a less obvious danger. Cleats, those small plastic units you apply to the window architrave or wall 1.6m from the ground hold little challenge to older kids. The cleat does not accept the full length of the cord and the school aged child simply pulls a chair up and unwinds it with ease. Then they will leave it dangling for the little ones to become entangled.

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Cordaway however has a snap-on childproof. It accepts the full length of blind cords and leaves no part hanging. It’s simple, safe and secure.

It is outrageous that after nearly 100 years these death traps have not yet been legislated against here or anywhere else for that matter. It should be MANDATORY to supply a workable tested safety device on all windows where such blinds are located. And don’t be fooled by the blind (internal) industry. New blinds don’t feature cords? Some don’t – Some do. But let’s face it there are literally millions of such blinds in use here in Australia and right around the world.

Consider this – what if your child car seat was completely ineffective? In good faith you place your child in the safety rated seat. You then discover that in an accident your child will be thrown out of the seat. Would you be angry? Would you continue to use it? Of course not! So don’t use cleats, use Cordaway!

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WHY do people accept a 17c piece of plastic is sufficient to protect the life of their precious child? Sure the ACCC, the State Consumer Affairs offices, Blind Manufacturers and retailers tell you that they’re ‘safe’, but the facts scream otherwise. They are NOT SAFE.

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Take that extra step. Order Cordaway online now. Be certain, be safe, be sure. Sure using Cordaway will give you ‘peace of mind’ – but more importantly your children will be safe.


Cordaway is easy to install. All components and instructions are included in the packaging. You simply need an electric drill. Click on ‘Buy Now’ on our Facebook page or shop on the Cordaway website here.

• $9.60 plus postage for 1 unit
• $8.60 plus postage for 5 or more

Don’t delay. Fit Cordaway on all Internal Blinds now.

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Cordaway – Child Safety. No Compromise.

The Blind Safety Device that Actually Works.


To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple. Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.